Problem: People and social skills are fading, personal character is weakening, and we’re all being affected by it. Work and career is a large percentage of our life, and though our new digital world has come with many beneficial elements, it has also weakened our personal abilities to focus, interact with others, and solve problems. At the same time, our educational years are spent in an environment where memorizing 60% of the technical material in a class advances us to the next level. Desperately needed social skills are not part of that system. As a result, people of all ages and backgrounds are lacking basic interaction skills, and businesses are suffering as a result. The greatest challenge is not where this is today, it’s where this will be in a few years if not addressed.

Solution: Our answer is to communicate and teach the importance and benefits of developing a strong personal character through live and engaging workshops which offer much greater retention value compared to seminars, lectures, or online classes. The Third Draft offers a fast-paced interactive half-day workshop that focuses on personal character through visual and physical exercises, as opposed to using tools such as PowerPoint.

The benefit:

For the employee:

Attendees receive tools which can improve every facet of life, physical and psychological, which can be applied at work, at home, to better manage finances, and even to enhance relationships. People leave understanding that their job, their boss, and their background is not their challenge. Our greatest challenges are within our habits and behaviors.  


For the employer:

People who develop personal character can’t turn it off between 9-5. These are now the people responsible as to whether or not you have an business. From a surgeon or a scuba diver, your organization, be it a hospital, police dept, non-profit, or a retail store, will ultimately become a reflection of your staff’s attitude, personal work habits, traits, and behaviors. Help them become better personally, and everyone wins!

The goal:

Help people focus on what they can be, and not so much on what they can get, and everyone gets more!