The name comes from speech writing. A first draft may be notes scratched on a napkin. A second draft is usable and most people are “ok” with it, but that Third Draft is when you’ve “connected.”

Our instructors do not read from a workbook while clicking slides on a PowerPoint presentation. Curriculum is fast-paced, physical, and designed for people to be emotionally engaged which creates a better understanding, and greater retention. Attendees leave with a clear understanding of problem solving, which is more about problem identification. They understand why being broke is not their job’s fault, it’s about their personal spending habits. Attendees face the fear of presenting to a room of strangers and what “Thinking out-of-the-box” really means. We stick to the basics, focus on communication, and make it personal, which makes them “want” it.  

We offer companies, organizations, individuals, non-profits, government agencies, and even employees of hospitals and law enforcement develop personal characteristic skills that can be applied to every facet of life, making people not only more productive in their personal world, but in their career world as well.  

Our founder; The person behind the Third Draft, Jim Griffiths, ran away from home at thirteen, quit high school, only lasted two-weeks in the military, and had a challenging time getting along with people. With the guidance of extraordinary mentors, he was able to quit what America calls “working” at a fairly young age, and credits almost all success in life to be associated to the ability to interact with others. “Even if we’re texting, we’re communicating.” Jim feels that immersing yourself into social skills is the magic pill we’re all looking for. His message is, “Change what you think you know, because if you knew how to do it, you’d be in the Caribbean living off of it.”

Come see what the Third Draft can do for you!  

* “Third Draft” is a registered Service Mark.