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The Third Draft is an educational system for all ages designed to separate business from the world of entrepreneurism in order to communicate the habits, behaviors and the traits of an entrepreneur. It’s philosophy is about how an entrepreneur is a person. Build a stronger person, and you’ll build a stronger enterprise.

Our founder ran away from home, quit school, and joined a rock band, (after getting kicked out of the military), yet managed to do exceptionally well in business at a young age. By volunteering in high school business classes Jim got a clear view of the gap between school and what happens in the real world.

From the book Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Do It:  “Kids can memorize 60% of the technical material in a class and be permitted to move on to the next level. Where will people be in 20-30 years if they’re taught to get by on the minimum required?”

-Jim Griffiths

As we watch people get exposed to the most advanced education to date, we continue to have millions who never learned how to win or how to make things happen. Few are exposed to the concept of facing fears, personal challenges or insecurities. Most know nothing about brainstorming ideas or where fresh ideas come from. School has always been responsible for mathematics and science, while these other elements were taught in the home. But that’s not happening anymore, making the gap between school and the real world not only wider, but deeper too.   

The Millennial generation started a movement that deserves attention. While some of their actions could be questioned, the objectives are worthy of consideration. America’s working majority end up dead, broke, still working, and/or dependent on some form of charity at age 65. How bad will things like racism, discrimination, crime, corporate greed, and political corruption be if people don’t learn how to make things happen.

How does entrepreneurism fit into it all? We don’t see historical videos or documentaries on people such as Richard Branson or Steve Jobs talking about accounting software or scheduling staff. We hear about their struggles and challenges and we’re attracted to how they learned to win. People crave to learn how they face adversity and solve problems. We hear about how they deal with personal fears, break habits, and learn from mistakes. Yet when people seek to study “Entrepreneurism” it all seems to be about technical business. Why is the core of what makes an entrepreneur left out?

The Third Draft separates business from entrepreneurism and helps people adopt the habits, behaviors and traits of an entrepreneur. The psychological side of an entrepreneur is what enables them to make things happen. And when you learn what drives an entrepreneur you can apply it to any facet of your life.  

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