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Think Like an Entrepreneur The Entrepreneurs Balcony

Free Speaker for your SW Florida social or business club, or any gathering looking for a speaker.



“Thinking like an entrepreneur”

is not just about business or inventions. It can be applied to any facet of your life

Lee County resident Jim Griffiths has created a free classroom environment as a community service where people can voluntarily go to learn the principles of how an entrepreneur thinks. The group teaches how those principles can be applied to all facets of your life.

We’re also working with the school system in SW Florida to create a presence in both High Schools and Middle Schools.  

Jim has a very flexible schedule and is open to do 10 to 20 minute talks at local clubs that inspire, motivate, and help people understand basic winning principles. There’s nothing to sell or solicit.

Jim has have over 100 topics of interest, so you’re welcome to call on him multiple times, or have him as a last minute fill-in if you have a cancellation.

Rotary Clubs, business networking or group meetings, weekly employee gatherings, etc. Lee, Charlotte or Collier Counties.

Entrepreneur By Choice ThirdDraftOrg@gmail.com