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“LOE” represents

 “Layers Of Entrepreneurism”

Entrepreneurism is not business specific, it’s also about how a person thinks. What’s coming this summer (2018) is an advanced course on what would appear to be a start-up business class at first, and as people listen they’ll soon understand the difference between a business owner and an entrepreneur.

A business owner would be proud to claim 30 years of experience. An entrepreneur would be embarrassed to do the same thing for 30 years.

A business owner would ask not to reinvent the wheel because it’s making a profit. An entrepreneur would make it faster, lighter, more resistant to corrosion, less likely to dent, and they’d find a way to make it cost less. Which would you buy?

This class will be walking you through the six basic steps of creating the ultimate business plan, but that’s not what you’ll be telling your grand-kids about. This class has engaging exercises about problem solving, presentation skills, teamwork like you’ve never seen before and how it can benefit you, finding your personal fears and beating them, lots of homework, how to stimulate your brain to always have new ideas others never thought of, how to dig and dig to find things others missed, discovering what you’re good at and never knew it, how America has lost what marketing really is and how to use it, and a favorite of ours…. How to get people to “absorb” information.

You’ll be pushed. You’ll be asked to face insecurities and fears. It’s going to get personal. Mostly, you’ll understand that when you extract “business” from entrepreneurism, what you have left is what it takes to win at anything. If you choose to use the information in a business, good for you. You’ll also see that it’s not about business. This information would make a better factory worker….    

You’ll learn the disadvantage of being good at multitasking, how “thinking out of the box” can hurt you, and dozens of other skills, tactics and philosophies that can benefit every facet of your life.  

When a student of ours (adult or kid) goes on a job interview and hands someone a resume, then comments they also have a certificate from the Third Draft, they’ll ask what that is. When you tell them what we study, you’ll be put on top of the pile!

It’s about “Thinking like an entrepreneur” and understanding how they make things happen, not just how to write or build a business plan. You can do that with YouTube videos any day….

Also, it’s not about our focus, study, or class. It’s about where you land in 10, 20, or 30 years. It’s for you, not us.

Classes are an inexpensive 4-week course, 2/3 hours per evening one night a week, no cell phones in the room, it’s live (no webinars or podcasts), and it changes lives. Think of it like a grocery store; there’s something for everyone.

We also offer a “no-tricks” way of checking it out before you commit.   

Contact us for more detailed info:)