Jim Griffiths ran away from home young and quit school to join a rock-band 3,000 miles away, after getting kicked out of boot camp, all prior to turning 18. In his early twenties he found himself working the docks in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, contemplating the future. He knew if he didn’t return to the lower states and at least try, he’d regret it for the rest of his life.  

Inspired and motivated by extraordinary mentors, he went on to conquer insecurities and fears which led to being successful in business at a young age. Jim believes communication skills and human interaction, now more than ever, are crucial to success in any form which has developed into an educational system; the Third Draft.

Jim’s motivation is credited to: “Kids can memorize 60% of the technical material in a class and be permitted to move on to the next level. Where will people be in 20-30 years if they’re taught to get by on the minimum required?”



In 2017 Jim wrote and self-published

 “Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Do It

along with a children’s book series in memory of his dog Bo, www.MyDogBo.com

Jim Griffiths volunteers with the Sheriff’s Office and various high schools. He currently divides his time between SW Florida and South Carolina and is available as a guest speaker for schools and business groups.


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