Meeting rooms: flat-rate - $79 per person.

Mobile: (at your facility) $650 for one workshop, est 12-25 people, or $950 for two back-to-back in one day.

Who is qualified to come

Social and characteristic skills and behaviors are the secret to making almost anything happen. Any person at any age in any profession benefits.

Attendee info:

Workshops run about three hours. Business casual dress, bring something to write on, turn phones off, show up a few minutes early.

Refund policy

A no-questions asked 100% refund is issued in case of a sickness or any other delay. Seating is limited, please do not book a seat unless you’re sure it can be filled.

Area of operation:

The Third Draft currently operates in the state of Florida and will soon be in Georgia, plus North and South Carolina.

* The Third Draft is a registered trademark