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Think Like an Entrepreneur The Entrepreneurs Balcony

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The craving for independence is as strong now as it was when people flowed into New York’s Ellis Island.  They want more independence and more control of their own life. This will be a tough shift since we’ve been taught to put a round peg in a round hole for over a hundred years. Our youth is spent learning how to follow directions, yet the real world comes with non-stop unexpected surprises. Where do people learn how to manage those surprises?

From a teen in Key Largo to commercial fishing in Alaska, Jim Griffiths started his first business at the age of thirteen and has lived an exciting life based on the concept of “Thinking like an Entrepreneur”.    

Entrepreneurism, by definition, relates to business, but what makes an entrepreneur as opposed to a business owner is their creativity and their thinking habits, not their position of ownership in a company.

The entrepreneur is a thinker and a problem solver, at home as well as at work. They may spend time in the office physically, but their mind is out in space thinking of new ways to do things. They make things better, they invent, create, and they have an unexplained need to take things that are “ok” and turn them into things that are GREAT.

When you were expecting a curve ball and life throws a slider, when distractions get the best of you, when there’s just not enough hours in the day, and when you realize that traditional education never taught you how to think your way out of a mess, think like an entrepreneur, and you’ll end up on top.


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